Tasting Menu

Think my style might serve you well with a current or future project? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at dreamingward@gmail.com.

In virtually all aspects of my incorporeal {visionary} life, I lean toward maximalism — an instinctive ode to gilded lilies, wretched excess, call it what you will. I greatly admire those who are capable of capturing essence in a few evocative strokes (or disciplined dispensing of seasoning when inhabiting the kitchen). Genius by virtue of simplicity. Alas, I lack that sharp-edged ability to say so much with just a few choice strokes of the pen or paintbrush.

I’ve also been accused of throwing “stuff” at the walls and waiting to see what sticks. That pretty much sums up my process, when I’m not overthinking a final outcome. What a relief after years of incessant pre-worrying and list-making. (Admittedly, I still love my lists … )

But since I’m far beyond the age or stage at which I care to learn (never mind abide by) the rules, and genius continues to snub me, I give myself permission to break said rules. An excellent dictum in its own right, now that I overthink it. And so, I shall most likely continue to display that extra soupçon of color, beguiling line, or irresistible word, unabashedly thumbing my nose at self-discipline.

That said, I shall exert a modicum of restraint when posting samples of past and current work. Please consider them a rotating offering of amuse-bouches. And since even the tastiest of morsels can get old if too frequently consumed, I’ll refresh my menu from time to time.

Before I return to the heat of the kitchen, please enjoy morsels of my design work, splatterings, and scribblings. Oh, yes, and recipes for those inclined to play with their food.