Graphic Design

Once upon a time, somewhat long ago, I was a full-time professional (i.e., paid for my time) designer. I donned my digital mantle with pride more than two decades ago, which means that in terms of life-planning (or the lack thereof), I entered the game relatively late. To my immense relief, I embraced this career niche as an excellent answer to that oft-asked question, “Where have you been all my life?”

Although the reality of client-driven {corporate} work frequently entailed (and still does) design-by-committee solutions, there was still plenty of room for Mary-driven visual daydreaming and I, for the most part, thrived. Until I didn’t (enter the well-documented Bursting of the Tech Bubble).

And so, my body of printed and online work includes pieces that can only be called “dated.” But at the very least it demonstrates that I learned how to herd those pixels with more than satisfactory results, and plan to continuing to do so for both love and money.

By design …