A few words of welcome …

… to my somewhat brief compendium of thoughts and images — many inextricably linked — that illustrate the inner workings of my wandering mind.

Even superheroes need the occasional day to play.

To this end, I’m currently coaxing a multitude of ducks, sloths, warthogs, and assorted other creatures into manageable rows — bringing a sense of order to the menagerie of sketches and scribbles that I’d previously stashed within the crevices of daily expediency. This happy exercise is all in the name of reigniting my #1, pie-in-the-sky fantasy: writing and illustrating children’s picture books while also creating stand alone paintings that have their own tales to tell.

Road Trip

Dreaming outward, I revel in the fact that images and words play well with one another. Color, line, and texture invariably stake their bold claim on the storytelling process as language obligingly serves to inspire. Watercolors, pen and ink, graphite pencils, and the occasional teaser of painted paper are my trusted accomplices as I weave narratives from strands of everyday matters and fanciful distractions. 

Mr. Zen — best ever third grade teacher

Tending to the various close relationships among my imaginary friends can, however, be surprisingly arduous. An occasional refreshing plunge into bright, bold pools of acrylic paint is precisely what my muses emphatically encourage. This change in venue is both freeing and energizing, and the often unexpected results are just reward for these grown-up mental and spiritual spa days.

In the great, glorious beginning …

When all is said and drawn, I simply hope to serve as a purveyor of joy.